Celebrity Shoot

I was assignment an assignment to shoot a celebrity, someone famous, someone well known. In my opinion a celebrity is someone who YOU feel is famous, who you feel is someone who makes a difference in your life. Joey is a member of a band called Pop Cherry, I always enjoy going to watch his shows because he is very entertaining and his voice just blows you away! As a person he is kind hearted and just amazing, I absolutely loved working with this man! he is so natural, wild, and out there! It was really scary how much some of my images turned out and he ended up REALLY looking like Steven Tyler! But other than that I cannot wait to shoot more images with him! I hope you enjoy a little sample of my shoot from yesterday night!


Unfortunate events,

Over the weekend while I was shooting I really had the urge to try out my Canon AE1 manual camera unfortunately I did not get around to it and I wan’t able to use it. I did shoot another couple shots for my series though, and it’s just helping me to see that everyones body it much different and photographs in various ways. Some are able to get the right effect that I want, some are able to take it to another level and give it their own twist which is exactly what I want. I can’t wait to continue with taking these images and seeing what I can come up with!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was shooting in the studio this weekend. My wonderful model Lauren once again was absolutely amazing, I love to work with this beautiful woman! She really gave it her all as usual and made my visions come to life. I didn’t have to even tell her how to pose or what to do, she just knew and made it work. At the start my lighting really wasn’t working for me then I realized that I should just do what I love to do and shoot with one light and one background! After all that, it just all fell right into place, my images looked even better! After hours of editing through almost 400 images, my eyes burn, I’m tired, and I have to go play with my lovely pup! I leave you once again with these images, please, feedback is more than welcome! I would love to hear what everyone has to say!